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Business Integrity

Improving transparency and accountability in the work of public authorities and combatting corruption is a subject which has been at the center of public attention in Bulgaria for a long time. While at the same time the issue of business integrity and accountability has remained peripheral and is not considered to be an integral part of the general context comprising all spheres of public and private life in the country.

Over the last 15 years a number of studies on corruption levels, governance models and functioning of public authorities, business environment etc. have ranked Bulgaria near the bottom of the list from among EU states.

Problems in the domestic business climate such as undermining the principles of fair competition and failure to comply with business ethics in relations with other economic operators, consumers and public bodies are still largely being ignored. The general business climate in the country is such that ethics in business are considered unnecessary, and voluntary regulations are seen as obstacle or as unimportant aspect of the business. The situation is made worse by the lack of legal requirements to introduce such infrastructure. To read the whole text, press the buttons on the right.