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Paying bills is unpleasant but unavoidable.  

Transparency International needs financial help to support its operational and administrative work. We often have to work on topics and cases which are important for the country but are not funded under any project (anyone who has worked in project implementation will understand).

And while we can donate our time and efforts, we still have to pay our rent, as well as electricity, telephone and heating bills.

We will be happy to accept support both from citizens and from corporate donors. Every year on this webpage we will publish a report on the donations received and the way in which they have been spent.  


If 120 people donate BGN 15 each we will be able to pay our electricity bill for a whole year. 

Bank transfer

You can make a one-time donation to the amount of your choice into the account of Transparency International at your bank or using online banking.

Transfer order information:

Name : Transparency International

IBAN (BGN): BG72 UBBS 8002 1011 8354 50

Bank name: United Bulgarian Bank

Reason for payment: Donation


Please use the following if you wish to make a donation by bank transfer from another country:

Name : Transparency International – Bulgaria

Address: 50, Shandor Petiofi str., 1463, Sofia, Bulgaria

Bank name: United Bulgarian Bank

Bank address: 89B Vitosha Blvd., UBB Millennium Center, Sofia, Bulgaria

IBAN (BGN): BG72 UBBS 8002 1011 8354 50


Reason for payment: Donation

The currency of the account is BGN. When you make a donation by bank transfer the respective bank will charge you a fee according to its current rates.

Our organization will not accept donations from persons whose actions are in contradiction to our values. We retain the right to refuse such donation and in such case the donated amount will be reimbursed to the donor’s account unless otherwise specified in Bulgarian legislation.

In order to fulfill our statutory obligations and to keep you informed about the way in which your donations have been spent we will collect your data. By providing such data you are agreeing to have them stored and processed by Transparency International. This data will not be published or shared with third parties outside the cases provided by law.

Important! If you wish to donate a sum of over BGN 10 000 or an equivalent in another currency, please contact us at, as certain formalities under Bulgarian legislation need to be observed.




Bulgarian legislation provides tax deductions for donations made to non-profit legal entities, such as Transparency International.

For individual donors

The deduction is up to 5% and is applied to the sum of the annual tax bases.

In order to benefit from tax deduction, the annual tax return under Art. 50 of the Income Taxes on Natural Persons Act (ITNPA) must be accompanied by a document which certifies that the donation was in favor of an entity listed under Art. 22, para. 1 of the ITNPA and that the donation has been received.

If you wish to receive a Certificate of Donation, please contact us at finance [at]

For corporate donors

According to Art. 31, para. 1, item 14 of the Corporate Income Tax Act, accounting expenses on donations to a total amount of up to 10% of the positive accounting financial result (accounting profit) shall be recognized for tax purposes where the expenses on donations are incurred in favour of an NGO. Please note that Art. 31, para. 5 of the Corporate Income Tax Act sets a limit to the donation expenses recognized for tax purposes: they may not exceed 65% of the accounting profit.

If you wish to receive a Certificate of Donation, please contact us at finance [at]