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Our Organization

Transparency International is an international organization which operates through a network of over 100 offices worldwide and has an international Secretariat located in Berlin, Germany. The Transparency International Association is the Bulgarian national representative of Transparency International. The former was created in 1998 and was the first branch of the organization in Southeast Europe.

Our mission is to bring together the efforts of civil society, public institutions, local authorities, private sector representatives, media and academia in order to carry out systemic reforms in the field of governance to establish good governance principles and take targeted actions to manage the risk of corruption.

Our main priorities have so far included encouraging reforms and applying ethical and good governance standards in the public and private sector, carrying out good governance advocacy campaigns and civilian control in different spheres of public life. In our work we focus on the functioning of central government and local authorities, optimizing public spending, lobbying and interest representation.

The main focus of our activities is the work of public institutions on national and regional levels, optimizing the spending of public funds, lobbying and interests representation.

Encouraging business integrity development is a new aspect in the work of our Bulgarian office, but it is a traditional element of the global know-how of Transparency International. We work on the assumption that in addition to the public sphere benefit this approach will also have special added value for businesses as it will allow them to enhance their effectiveness and competitiveness while meeting public expectations and complying with the legal requirements in this area which is still relatively new for Bulgaria.