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What we do

Practices which distort the business environment and fair competition place a heavy economic burden on business. They are among the main factors which hinder foreign investment, partnerships, economic growth and development potential. They prevent businesses from competing on a level playing field, carry legal risks and threaten reputations.

In order to improve overall transparency of the business climate and taking into account the importance of involving all stakeholders in anti-corruption actions, the Transparency International team is working actively to strengthen the role of the private sector in the fight against corruption in Bulgaria through the Business Integrity Initiative. 

The Business Integrity project by Transparency International – Bulgaria is being implemented with the financial support from the Siemens Integrity Initiative, Third Funding Round 2018.

The Business Integrity Initiative aims to change the way businesses perceive new challenges and distortions in global business integrity standards, including the protection of whistleblower, prevention of money laundering etc.

We oppose the deteriorating environment in which Bulgarian companies have been forced to function and strive towards giving them a possibility to work with integrity and transparently without facing the risk of corruption.

The benefits include better work culture and internal communication, partner and customer confidence, positive messages which generate more sales and avoiding litigation costs. Participation of companies in the program will reduce commercial, legal, operational, financial and reputational rusks.

We are introducing management standards based on the business integrity concept by designing tools and guidelines for companies helping them to deal with high-risk areas and to gain the trust of their partners and customers. Our standards have been adapted to suit the Bulgarian environment and to comply with the national legal framework. They are applicable to companies of all sizes. Companies operating in the field of energy, medicine and industry who demonstrate real commitment to introduce the standards into their work will receive our support free of charge. The Transparency International team has identified the target areas and is hoping to attract at least three companies from each sector which have the potential to become pioneers in standard implementation and to improve their working environments.

We bring together businesses who want to be leaders in introducing internationally approved business integrity standards. We work shoulder to shoulder with companies to make sure that the standards have been tailored to their specific needs and are designing a model to promote these principles and procedures with service providers. The tools used by companies to identify good practices and actions will be reviewed and the companies will be invited to join the Integrity Club which will aim to promote such practices and help its members to address commercial, legal, operational, financial and reputational challenges. The objective of the Integrity Club is to promote the tools for identifying good practices and actions applied by companies. The Club will strive to roll out these practices and support its members in meeting the new legal and reputational challenges.

Our training is very pragmatic and looks at real-life situations that commonly occur in the business environment. Training focuses on entrepreneurship, culture and relations between young people. We provide young people with information, advice and mentoring in the field of business and entrepreneurship. It is fundamental that young leaders who are setting up their first business should get off to a good start. We hope that if young people who are staring or thinking about a new business do things right - supplementing their fresh ideas and business instincts with sound values - this can only benefit society as a whole.

We are involved in lobbying business associations which are interested and supportive of the business integrity idea and engage in active dialogue with key administrations to secure incentives for businesses applying integrity standards.

Within the available resources we can provide individual assistance to three key players from each of the following sectors - medicine, energy and industry – in developing and implementing their own business integrity practices.