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Good Practices

The information on good practices contained in this section aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas concerning anti-corruption policies, measures, structures and actions and to promote businesses integrity. It is not an assessment of their implementation and should not be interpreted as an opportunity to promote the companies and organizations that have developed them.

One hospital in Bulgaria has developed a comprehensive anti-bribery policy which is published on its website. The procedure covers objectives and scope (including the persons it applies to - all employees, third parties and their representatives, suppliers, patients); a plan for introducing the anti-corruption procedure; bodies responsible for anti-bribery measures; general requirements to prevent bribery, corruption and improper payment of any kind; anti-corruption duties of employees; expectations of third parties and their representatives in view of preventing corruption; control measures; training and awareness-raising requirements; record keeping; systematic review; third party risk management. The document is accompanied by the following appendixes: relevant anti-corruption legislation; types of corruption; specimen anti-bribery and anti-corruption contract clauses; declarations for suppliers/service providers.  Read more.